Possible Strategies

  • Compare benefits and savings which a customer makes vs the cost he pays. Cost-Benefit-Analysis.
  • Compare our service with competitors and convince our service is better. Comparisons.
  • Make payment options easy on customers. Easy-to-get-service.
  • Compare the cost a customer pays with the cost which he would have to pay for not having service. Threat-perception.
  • Pay high cost to service first but pay less and less every following month. Customer-Loyalty-Rewards.

Now according to me, the last strategy sounds good and something which is more in-line with the organizational intent. As a content strategist, I would start knitting my content around this Strategy making sure everything what happens next is also in the same line.

Now if I was that content strategist, this is where most part of the burden I carry.

  • I must make this decision right
  • decision I make is in-line with business and brand values
  • it is targeting towards well-defined and well-understood audience
  • and must make sure that tactics within this strategy are also in-line
  • Oversee the execution and make sure executed output conveys the desired message. (KEEP THIS PART IN MIND)

As a content strategist, I am too many things already. My hands are full and the things which I do are demanding enough already. I do not have expertise of MEDIUMS OF EXECUTION. Howerver, based on my research, I can decide which mediums should be used.

Let's assume I decide 1) Social Media, 2) Printed Pamphlets and 3) In-Mall Promotions to be my channels of communication. What if we receive huge response from Social Media and Pamphlets but In-Mall promotions fail miserably. Would that mean content strategy failed? What if Social Media didn't work either and we only got response from Print Campaign. Does that mean Strategy was wrong? NO. That means Strategy was right but we didn't execute it well on Social Media. Keeping the same strategy, I can try another round on Social Media and Bam. We got the response we expected. What if we failed on every communication channel and no one picked the message? Now there is good chance that content-strategy was wrong.

The areas where content strategist can be blamed is the area where he is more responsible and holds strength and it is definately definately not an execution. EVEN THOUGH he must make sure execution is in-line of his strategy and this is the only bit where he has his contribution towards execution.