Failure must be embrassed as one of the compnians of one's professional life. If you don't fail, you will go flop pretty son. In business studies, we learn that organizations which play safe and restrin from taking risks stop growing and prosperting. Same is true for individuals.

Prophet of Islam (PBUH) has said "Suffering is my companion" which tells that it is inevitably part of every one's life. If we are afraid of this part of ours, we are pretty much afraid of reality of life.

So fear not, worry not and accept not when you come across a failure. Learn from Maise in which you fail 20 times at every turn you take but you carry on as you know this is not the end of the maise yet. Failure is essentially a state and not the result. But it is upto us to make failure our destiney, by quitting before finishing the maise.