• Strategy
    • User needs
    • Site/Appliation Objectives
      Strategy in User Experiene is as broad as foundational Aims and Objectives in an organization. Broadly speaking, it is elabroation of the principles which drive your busines and its user experience. 

  • Scopre
    • Functional Specifications
    • Content Requirements:
      Scope is the outlining the beginnign and end of the problem under discussion. Defining what we are going to do, why are we doing it, what is it going going to solve and for who it will be solved; for users or for business. A scope must have an anti-scope which explains what is not part of this problem.  Combination of Scope and Anti-Scope helps us plan more effectively and reduces the possibility of scope-creap.

  • Structure
    • Interaction Design
    • Information Architechure

  • Skeleton
    • Interface Design
    • Information Design

  • Surface
    • Visual Design