Time Controlled Progressive Enhancement

Webpages are two dimensional space where all the content must be added or arranged in no more than two dimensions. Even an illusion of 3rd dimension is inevitably entrapped in x and y coordinates. Although impression of layers overlapping each other tend to give us impression of things being behind the others but that is the most we can achieve within this given space. However we can add a real and new dimension to this x,y canvas making it 3 dimensional space; the dimension of time.

Role of Branding in WWW

Internet business is tricky, not because it involves ever growing technology, but because of fierce competition and challenge of sustaining customers over a prolonged period of time. Considering marketing of a web-business, success doesn’t mean to achieve top 10 ranking in Google and receiving 10,000 visitors a day, but real challenge is to retain customers and visitors at times when Search Engines changes their ranking policies and your site drops from first page to 7th or 17th page overnight.

Information Design

By definition: “Information design is the skill and practice of preparing information so people can use it with efficiency and effectiveness.” To put simply, information design is a solution to a problem, built using text, images, video, graphs and other available data – that’s it.

Heuristic Analysis - Password Reset Page

Heuristic Analysis is the evaluation of user interface design in order to find out common usability issues and is a quickest ways of finding out usability problems and fixing them. Any skilled UI/UX Designer can help you perform Heuristic Analysis and eliminate useability issues before. Heuristic Analysis can be performed at any stage but it would be most beneficial if you perform this analysis on your existing designs before subjecting them touseability testing. Doing so will help you find deeper useability issues instead of rediscovering what is already known.

Following is an example taken from a popular recruitment site. In order to save the site from any criticism, I have blurred their identity and some of the email IDs listed on the page.

Graphican Test - Isolate fake from the real

This is exciting.. I have just discovered a way to identify if any given image is fake or real. Idea is to find credible procedure which can Identify fake/composited images (no matter how well-done) from real ones. It is still a trial-and-error learning for me but I would like to keep you guys involved and see if this is really something trustworthy.

Google's new UI - Review

Google’s interface has gone under a revamp recently and came out with something which is taken positive and negative at the same time. It is different, less obtrusive, less visible. The new color-scheme is a shift from overly white to mild gray, less bright and more focused on objective.

Bleeding Hotspots

Hotspots are areas around a hyperlink where hyperlnik starts responding to mouse movement.

They are specially usedful when hyperlink is image based or applied over a css block. We can use hotspots as hyperlinks, anchor-names and even to trigger javascript function. Howerver while using them, we must make sure

Build upon the best

Nothing is original. From straw to the tallest buildings, from underwater vehicles to space-ships, everything is built upon an idea, a form, an entity which had existed before. In better words it is called "Taking Inspiration" but it is not any less harsh than "stealing" someone's work. Ripping of some-one's work who in reality had rippied some-one else's. It started with the first human being and it will continue to the last.

How crazy is that? "Since you are a person I trust, I wanted to invite you to join my network on LinkedIn."

On LinkedIn, when you send or receive a new networking request, the default content says: "Since you are a person I trust, I wanted to invite you to join my network on LinkedIn." This invitation content rings bells in my head. I want to connect with you primarily because I "trust" you?

Example of a Persuasive Email to Landing Page Campaign

I have came across this well thought and persuasively designed email and then the landing page and found they are very good examples to follow. 


The Email:

  • Starts with "One Luckey Nerd takes home all this. BE THAT NERD" creating mutilple preceptions including "chance to win", "being lucky" and finally.. a commanding instruction in Capitals "BE THAT NERD", creationg a balanced mix of Attraction, Inspiring and Commanding what to do.
  • Selection and display of 4 welll thought images starting from Large Screen, Macbook, an ergonomic and relaxing chair and finally Red Headset with visible brand. All mentioned items are preceived high value among the audience this email is meant for. 
  • There is a blurred office image which has enough noise and softness to be used for subliminal messaging. I am not able to spot any obvious subliminals in it but if they are subliminal, I shouldn't be spoting them. Howerver liklihood of having a subconcious message is there. 
  • First line after the graphic reads "We've extended the deadline! You now have until October 6th at Midnight PST". This part is doing two tricks together. 
    • Creating a sense of extended opportunity
    • Second line "You now have until october", the line is using assertive narrative telling you about leverage of time, yet making you think that it is a do-able or an obligation. A sentence like "now you can" would have created sense of "choice" which is not given. 
    • "To enter to win, simply deploy the New Relic agent by the deadline! Who doesn't want all that great stuff." It is again assertion to previous annotation of "comply, obey and follow" and ending the line with a negative psychological statement, "Who doesn't want all thsi great stuff". 
  • In the headings part, there are three simple but purposeful headings creating a reverse pyramid of reward, putting highest with most charm first, then second grade winner (no one wants to be second and thus no one values second prize; yet there is something if you loose first) and finally telling that everybody is a winner. 
  • Finally, a big red button which is visible and contains a verb "Deploy Now" as final instruction leading to specifically designed landing page. The area around the "call to action button" is empty and doesn't contain anything which may deserve a look. 

Overall, a very good and well thought strategy to engage user, persuade him and lead him to perform desired action.


It is followed by an equally welld designed landing page and I will try to decipher its content later in detail but for your eyes, here it goes.



Intelligent Content

What is intelligent content?

Intelligent Content is the content which is produced with a view that it will be used across multiple channels, on multiple platforms and in varying lengths and formats. Thus usage under multiple scenarios and multiple devices becomes the essence of its production. This is not "one size fits all" type, but rather a sizeable data which is very well structured, has support of metadata (data about data itself), has sementic tags which divide the conent into sections and is reformatable depending upon the need.

Economics of Attention

One day while travelling by train, a thought came to my mind that trains have stopped announcing arrival of train stations. It wasn’t result of an observation but rather a realization that had not heard that pre-recorded female voice making announcements since long and at the same time, started thinking what may have made them stop that helpful announcement.

Within a few minutes as train approached the next station, I was amazed to listen to the same train announce in equally loud and clear voice and upon listening that,

Chrome OS - the human experience behind its flop

One of 2013 “fails in making” is Google Chrome’s OS which despite having impressive features is failing to leave an impression.When looking at the charts, it is coming from largest internet giant, is based on stable foundation of ubuntu and is engineered by Samsung and Acer. It is well known, its low cost, its quick, its light, its smart, and has over 0.7 million bank of apps, yet what is missing in the equation which it pulling it down?

Chrome OS has human experience problems.

Intent and Objectives

Business Intent/Aims

Intent is an abstract expression which narrates outcome a person or an organization wants to achieve. Intent is uni-dimensional (doesn't include cost) and only talks about benefits but lacks depth and scope.

UX is Process, not Person

User Design Experience is name of a Process. A set of procedures which involves undestanding your grounds, undestanding objectives, following a defined and well structured research methodology, structured design, developement and problem solving and finally, testing and evaluating how close you got to your objectives and how real those objectives were to the intent. 

I intend to write a complete article on the subject, as the time allows. 


---- In Progress ----

UX Designer designs Personality and Behaviour but not a "User Experience"

We are familiar with business tone and voice and a particular style, a dialect with which a writer is able to talk to its audience. When a content-strategist develops a communication theme, it is called "tone-and-voice". What about UX Designer and outcome of his efforts? Presently we identify the outcomes of the efforts of a “user experience designer” as "user-experience" which is crossing a logical line. Experience is fairly subjective and depends upon perceptions and situations which a user is

Relative Color Preception

Our preceptions of colors is more relative than we have been taking. By now we understand that background has impact on a small piece of object placed in it, like red dot on black, gray and white seems to have different color intensity and saturation. But this relevent impact on the preception is not visible in the foreground colors only and can be seen in the large, dominent and apparently color-less tints like white and dark gray. Have a look at two examples given below.

Image on the top-left seems to have a light tint of brownish green in the background because of tiny tints in the foreground. The image on the right is the same image and has exactly the same background but in the presence of gray text, background appears to be color-less and neutrally gray. Same impact can be felt in the bottom-left image which seems to have a pink-tint in the background even though it is exactly the same and doesn't have any value of hue (#333).