Persuasive Architecture

User Experience designer as a role and skill-set is evolving and improving over time. Started as an Interaction Designer to Information Architect, the role is evolving incorporating elements of cognition, emotions and brain-sciences. Now UX Designer cannot afford to be a designer as per say... He has to be a User Experience Strategist who is able to understand business goals and align his UX Strategy with it. UX designer also needs to be a psychologist,

Using white text on dark backgrounds


Using white text on dark backgrounds

I have been listening to this advice that white text on black background is not comfortable and shouldn't be used for large volume of text. This aspect is proven through an experiment conducted by Bauer and Cavonius where they found...

Qualitative aspects of applications

Followings are some of the qualitative aspects associated with the User Experience


How easy is it for a new user to use an application and to perform a task? For more complicated tasks, are there sufficient help features such as tutorials, in-line tips and hints, tool tips, etc.?


How obvious and easy is the task to accomplish? For tasks requireing multiple steps, is a user able to move along intended path on his own?

Levels of Planning in UX

Planning is foundation of Actions. When it comes to Usesr Experience Plannign, it is divided into 5 sections. 

Failure is a state, not the result

Failure must be embrassed as one of the compnians of one's professional life. If you don't fail, you will go flop pretty son. In business studies, we learn that organizations which play safe and restrin from taking risks stop growing and prosperting. Same is true for individuals. 

Lean Startups

Lean Startup

What lean startup is not

  • Its not cheap startup

  • its not fast startup

  • its not a shortcut

  • low ambition

What is it in reality?

  • It is opposit to fat startup

Eric Ryce Presentation in Stanford University

  • Startups are not shrunken down large organizations

    • Startup doesn’t need to have departments.

  • Human Institutions to create something new under extreme condition of uncertainty.

  • Uncertainty is the main aspect which makes entrepreneurs different

WCAG - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Website Accessibility - an overview

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Australian Government’s Web Initiative

The Australian Government has endorsed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 for all government websites. This requirement supersedes the previous mandate for compliance with WCAG 1.0. Australian Government has made it mandatory to implement WCAG A and AA level of accessibility guidelines by the end of December, 2014. Level of A is therefore required to be met by the end of December, 2012. Read more about Australian Government’s accessibility guidelines.