Sound Mal

Year of Design: 2011
Services Offered: UX Design/Website Design

Visual Design


Information,UI and Visual Design

Year of Design: 2011

Project Brief: is a creative print company that allow customers to create their audio paintings online. The company has been in print business since long and now they want to add a creative dimension to their print line.

For the soundmal website, I was provided a pdf document that contained rough directions and an idea about various sections that the website was required to have. The document became our starting point and after discussion and analysis, I started working on the information design.

In the light of our discussions, I developed website mockups, navigation design which after few changes became my blueprint for visual design.

Later on, I worked to produce website graphics and visual design. The initial design draft was found to be too posh and client wanted to tone it down a bit. The second design draft got approved but client wanted to have some neutral color which would be acceptable for the male and female clients. Redish Pink was changed to Marine Green and client loved it the way it was.

Clients Feedback:

"I love the way soundmal website is looking. It is simple but elegant.  I hope my programmer would be able to produce the same because I wouldn't want him to change any pixel in it."
Farzad Khan,

Köln - Germany.