Twic Files

Year of design: 2011

TwicFiles is a chess app for iphone which contains more than 1.2 million chess games played over the past several years. Its a free app and has been rated 4+ by the users.

Services Offered: App UI Design, Design Website UI, Develop Website Template
CMS: Joomla

Visual Design


Project Brief

TwicFiles is a free iphone app which lets users explore chess database of grand tournaments and important matches played over the past several years. It is first free app of this kind and wanted to earn revenue by displaying ads within the application. I used wood as the basic design element for the design and produced entire app and website using the wood colors. However a contrasting gold color was added to gain user attention whenever required.

For the website, I used checker board as the background pattern and also as the buttons as its outlines. Since website was only a reference website and majority of the updated information about app was displayed on the app-store page, client only wanted to highlight some of the basic features of app on its homepage and encourage visitors to explore further on app-store website from where it could be downloaded. TwicFiles has been appreciated by the top chess players. Its elegant look was admired and termed as “one of the most appealing chess apps seen ever”.

To get feedback about the app and site from the visitors, a quick-contact form was introduced which was contained in a lightbox and could be accessed without refreshing anything on the page at all.